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About Us:

Stone Pride International Corporation is a marble and granite supplier with warehouse in Anaheim, California. Its sister company,  Yunfu Yutong Stone Co. Ltd (Yutong)., is  located  in Guangdong Province, China.  Yutong  is a factory equipped with advanced machineries such as computerized water-jets,  employing over 100 skillful workers.  Stone Pride has  also formed partnerships with granite factories in Nanan, Fujian, marble factories in Jiangsu, slate factories in Hebei and metal mosaic factory in Sichuan. We exclusively represent these factories in US.

     Our product lines include but not limited to: ultra-thin Aluminum-backed waterjet Marble medallions, regular waterjet marble medallions, marble borders (marble liners), mosaic borders, granite and marble frames (ogees) and pencils, mosaic medallions, fireplaces, granite and marble tiles , countertops, Slabs, Slates, and other special order items such as stone pillars, columns and handrails.

     Stone Pride provides our customers with risk-free and hassle-free ordering services. Our quality service package includes shipping arrangement, customs clearance, trucking and other logistics handling. Price quote is available upon request.

     Stone Pride product information and news can be found by searching internet with keywords such stone medallions,  floor medallions or marble medallions.

News Release:

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